५ जेष्ठ २०८१, शनिबार

About Us

Grassroots Crab Pvt. Ltd. is a media company based in Koteshwor-32, Narephant, Kathmandu, Nepal. Our platform, www.maruhiti.com, is dedicated to Solution journalism. Shakuntala Joshi is the editor and Kala Anuragi is the ideator of this online and media house. At Maruhiti, we believe that social journalism should not only report on social institutions but also strive to produce journalists from within those institutions. This approach combines elements of public journalism, citizen journalism, grassroots journalism, rural journalism, and hyperlocal journalism to provide a unique and authentic perspective on the issues and stories that matter most to our audience. In Nepal, there are many rich and diverse social institutions that deserve to be highlighted and supported through social journalism. At Maruhiti, we strive to do just that, using native advertising as our revenue model to ensure that our coverage remains unbiased and focused on the needs of our community. Thank you for choosing to learn more about Grassroots Crab, our platform www.maruhiti.com and our commitment to social journalism. We hope that you will join us in our mission to give voice to the stories that often go untold and to support the social institutions that shape our world.